Woman Getting VaccinationPlease contact us as soon as you find out you are travelling, some vaccinations are compulsory for travel into some countries while some vaccinations should be taken over a period of time. It’s important that you receive the right treament for your journey.

If you have had vaccinations in the past ask a Pharmacist to recheck them to make sure you are still covered – you may need more doses for a booster, or even a full course again if the protection cover has expired.

A consultation fee of £20 is charged to each client. Any client who purchases vaccinations and/or antimalarials will be refunded the £20 charge and will only be charged for their purchases. This fee can be paid online or instore.

Clients are reminded to arrive at least 15 minutes before thier appointment with a  full written history of vaccinations, medical conditions and medication they currently use.  We require the dates when  you had vaccinations. This information should be obtained from your GP or Clinic prior to your appointment.  If this information is not available at the time of your appointment, or if you arrive late for your appointment your appointment will be cancelled. [We cannot vaccinate immunocomprimised, sickle cell anaemia or HIV patients]

For more information about a specification vaccination and to complete our online pre-consultation form, please click the appropriate vaccination below:

Vaccination Number of Doses Price per Dose
Hepatitis A (0 and 6-12 months) Course of 2 £55
Hepatitis A Jnr (0 and 6-12 months) Course of 2 £55
Hepatitis B(Adult) Course of 3/4 £40
Hepatitis B(Junior) Course of 3 £40
Hepatitis A+B Adult (Twinrix)) Course of 3/4 £75
Hepatitis A+ B Junior (Twinrix Jnr)/(Ambirix Jnr) Course of 3 £75
Typhoid Injection Each Dose £35
Typhoid Capsules – Vivotif (Oral Live) For 3 Capsules £35
Typhoid + Hepatitis A Each Dose £85
Polio/Tetanus/Diphtheria Each Dose £35
Meningitis ACWY Each Dose £45
Japanese Encephalitis Course of 2 £90
Rabies Course of 3/4 £60
Cholera 0 and 7 Days Course of 2 £30
MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) Course of 2 £50
Tick-Borne-Encephalitis (Adult) Course of 3 £70
Tick-Borne- Encephalitis (Junior) Course of 3 £70
Yellow Fever Each Dose £69

* We cannot provide yellow fever vaccination to children under 2 years and adults over 60 years.

Speciality Vaccine Number of Doses Price per Dose
Varivax (chickenpox) Course of 2 £70
MMR Combined Vaccine Course of 2 £50
Group B Meningitis Each Dose £130
Shingles Vaccine Each Dose £200
Flu Vaccine Number of Doses Price per Dose
Quadrivalent (Egg-Based) [QIVe] Each Dose £20
Quadrivalent (NON Egg-Based) [QIVc] Each Dose £20
Tri-Valent Adjuvant [TIV over 65yrs] Each Dose £20
Pneumococcal Pneumonia Polysaccharide [PPV23] Each Dose £25
Pneumococcal Pneumonia Conjugated Each Dose £80
Anti-Malarials (INC VAT) Number of Doses Price per Tablet
Atovaquone/Proguanil (Maloff) (Adult) Pack of 24 £2.00
Atovaquone/Proguanil (Junior) Pack of 12 £1.00
Doxcycline Pack of 50 £0.75
Malarone Pack of 12 £3.80
Malarone (paediatric) Pack of 12 £1.00
Mefloquine (Larium) Pack of 8 £3.50

(For us to vaccinate children we require both parents or two guardians to be present)

For a Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate or a Meningitis ACWY Vaccination Certificate (for Hajj and Umrah) to be valid your departure should be more than 10 days from day of vaccination.  Unfortunately, if you are travelling within 10 days we will not be able to vaccinate you.

Where licensed and available, we vaccinate children from 2yrs

The Pharmacist will have to see your redbook for all your childhood immunization history.

(An additional authorization charge of £10 per child applies to all children under 6 yrs)