If you would like to attend a Travel Clinic or speak to a Pharmacist regarding vaccinations and pending travel arrangements, you will need to complete the form below and bring it with you to the Clinic.

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10% Discount for groups of 4 or more patients booking at the same time. 

A consultation fee of £20 is charged to each client at the start of the consultation. Any client who purchases vaccinations and/or antimalarials will be refunded the £20 charge and will only be charged for their purchases.

Clients are reminded to arrive at least 15 minutes before thier appointment with a full written history of vaccinations, medical conditions and medication they currently use.  We require the dates when  you had vaccinations. This information should be obtained from your GP or Clinic prior to your appointment.  If this information is not available at the time of your appointment, or if you arrive late for your appointment your appointment will be cancelled.

We cannot vaccinate immunosuppressed patients, patients with sickle cell anaemia or HIV patients

  • On your return why not come back and see us for a health review. We can provide post exposure screens for HIV.
  • If you think during your travels you might have been exposed to an illness, or  you feel unwell after returning or whlist you were there contact your GP IMMEDIATELY. You can discuss any concerns with us.

To request an appointment or to visit one of our travel clinics please complete the form below. Please complete as much information as possible to give our Pharmacists the opportunity to prepare for your visit:

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