793683.207Rohpharm Pharmacy stock a comprehensive range of aids designed to make your life easier to improve your quality of life.

Our range includes;

  • Adapted crockery and cutlery
  • Bath accessories
  • Bath seats
  • Bathroom tools
  • Crutches and crutch accessories
  • Easy reachers
  • Grab rails
  • Toilet frames
  • Walking frames
  • Walking sticks and canes
  • Wheelchair and scooter accessories

Speak to a member of staff when next in our Pharmacy or contact us by phone or view the range online.

Transforming Community Equipment Services

Under the new Transforming Community Equipment Services (TCES) programme, we as accredited pharmacies are reimbursed by the government for dispensing ability aids and equipment against prescriptions.

Community Equipment Prescriptions are issued to eligible patients under the new scheme, for equipment such as mobility and bathing aids, furniture, sensory aids and general living aidsRohpharm Pharamcy is registered as an accredited retailer to dispense against those prescriptions.

The Community Equipment Dispenser Accreditation Body (CEDAB) is responsible for registering the premises of retailers who dispense prescriptions for community equipment under the TCES programme.

More information is available on their website: http://www.cedonline.org.uk/

Being accredited, we can dispense generic specification equipment,  according to the national tariff, which can be viewed online.

Government funded patients can also be able to top-up their care to cover the additional cost of more expensive or advanced equipment, minus the amount which would be reimbursed to the accredited pharmacy in accordance with the TCES tariff.